How can I read the files recorded on SD/TF card?




  • Kamil Krawczak

    wow guys! I was happy with my camera and system Until i needed to check last few days worth of nvt3 files from my card. Its is impossible to scroll thru them on your mobile because you don't show/generate thumbnails so card + computer is the only way. I was very disappointed. I have 12000 files to check. I got frustrated on 5th. No playlist ? No folder adding? No multiple files? You cant be serious!?

    I challenge any of you to check 1000 files. 

    If i loose I give you one idea for free.

    This is not a software on your  company level. This is some 90s stuff. 

    Best Regards.



    PS: You could use person like me;-)






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  • huseman

    Same deal, I want to get the video of somebody taking things from my front yard.  I try to watch on the app, took about 30mins to even find the correct spot in the video. the app kept saying offline bla bla bla, yes im on wifi, a good wifi.  But  no way to export it.  But anyways the video corrupts with garbage during the incident, I was only able to get a few frames just before and after.  I assume the motion detection triggers and messes up the 24h recording video section???   So i check the motion triggered video and no video during the time of the incident.  So I copy the video files to my computer. Same corruption and it seems to only get corrupt when something's happening.   Also it took about an hour to even find the correct spot as the file saved times on the card do not match the actual time the file was saved?  Also the camera neglects to add timing marks to the videos so they are completely unsearchable.  You cant fast-forward or skip back or anything.  Just thousands of unsearchable half corrupt files about 20 seconds long. 


    Completely useless camera.

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  • calin.lazea

    Completely useless cameras and service, never works with a memory card, I have 3 cameras and none of them work with a memory card, I have a subscription on one camera but never works properly, cheap Chinese crap

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