SD/TF card doesn't work. How to format SD/TF card?




  • kenny gooding

    After formatting still does not work

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  • roger.dubose


    I am not a employee, or related to an employee of Netvue.  I am however a user of their Pet Cam AKA:  Orb Mini, firmware version 1391.  The latest updates as of my writing to you December 19, 2020.  For my camera all I ever do is format the SD Class 10, U-1 Full HD Video, A-1 card with my Windows PC as an exFAT and select default allocations size, or fat32 format, default allocation size.  I think the higher the cards capacity starting at 32 GB your only choice is NTFS or exFAT.  Just make sure its exFAT, NOT anything else.  Also I uncheck the Quick Format box so the format can take a little bit of time, usually 15 20 minutes tops using a 72 N 1 usb 2.0 card reader/writer.  Then I just stick it in the camera once the PC is done with formatting the card, and the camera does the rest.  I don't even have to cycle the camera on or off, mount or unmount anything.  Matter of fact the worst nightmare I had was when I first got the camera was confusing its AC adapter plug, with my Cell phone AC adapter plug.  I could get the camera to bind with my cellphone, but not the homes wireless network, as both plugs fit the camera perfectly, and the AT&T adapter even powered the camera on, but did not have the oomph to get the signal across home plate.  That had both Netvue and I twisting in the wind trying to sort out the issue, which in the end was.  And YUP!  I'm gonna own it a hundred percent!  61 year old stupid hillbilly done, doins it again, gots dah wires ah crossed up, N kept dah Orb Mini earth bound N down fer like a day N a half!  Hope this helps!

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